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The Mad Creations Of JuiceBoX

My Mind Is A World Of Havoc

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Hello hello~ This is the community of Jess/JuiceBoX (coldstofcalndrs).
I will be posting all of my graphics, fanfics, etc. here from now on.
Updates will be rather random so don't complain if it seems like I'm on a hiatus. I icon/graphic what I'm currently into at the time, so even if I like an anime/manga/movie/etc., there is a chance it will not be graphic-ed.
I'm trying to learn how to get better at coloring manga, also! (This experiment is a pain).
I use GIMP 2.6.4 for at least 70% of everything, sometimes a touch of Photostudio 5.5, Animation Shop 3 for some .gifs, and I recently obtained Paint Shop Pro 7, but I don't use it much since I'm not used to it.
I try really hard to make my icons look decent, so please, no flaming.
If you use anything of mine, please credit either juiceboxanizer or coldstofcalndrs
No, seriously, most of my work involves manga coloring. Each coloring takes about an hour to do. That's a lot of hard work.
Textless icons are not bases, sorry, but I put work into everything I edit
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